This is a simple Ethereum proposal to fix a major problem that has plagued the smart contract ecosystem. When the Ethereum protocol requires an increase or decrease to the gas cost of various operations, this can in-turn provably break some smart contracts or even provably make them open to attack…

Here I want to give some details about the upcoming Qtum-x86 VM. There’s been many questions from the community and some from our own developers on how certain aspects work from a higher level, and how it actually ends up working. So, I cover in this two primary topics. First…

The following formats are (currently) exposed to interface and smart contract code in the Qtum x86 prototype

Runtime Length Encoding Format

So we’ve been notoriously quiet about what the x86 VM will allow in Qtum, beyond just more programming language support. This is basically because the design process is easy to make a mediocre version on, but hard to build a well-optimized, efficient, and easy to use version. …

Jordan Earls

Blockchain Engineer, co-founder at Qtum, President of Earl Grey Tech. All in on blockchain tech. Also does some film photography

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